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JTF-RH works with regulators to accelerate gravity defueling timeline

23-001 | Dec. 6, 2023

HONOLULU, Hawaii —

Pending regulatory approval, Joint Task Force-Red Hill (JTF-RH) will begin unpacking the pipelines in the Red Hill Bulk Fuel Storage Facility (RHBFSF) on or about Dec. 12. This would further accelerate the gravity defueling timeline by about a month. 

Unpacking is the process of removing the remaining fuel from the pipelines and represents the final step in the gravity-based defueling of the RHBFSF.  

When gravity defueling of the 14 storage tanks was completed on Nov. 17, JTF-RH was able to safely remove approximately 1 million more gallons than originally planned by draining each tank down to the seven-foot level vice the planned ten-foot level. This, combined with applying efficiencies learned during the gravity defueling process to date, enabled JTF-RH to present a plan to the regulators, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Hawaii Department of Health, to finish gravity defueling 30 days earlier than projected. 

When gravity defueling is complete 99.9% of the fuel at RHBFSF will be removed. 

An updated JTF-RH video illustrating unpacking can be found here: 

JTF-RH is committed to working with regulators and government stakeholders to ensure Red Hill is defueled safely, expeditiously, and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.   

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