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J004 Office of the Inspector General | COL Michael Minaudo, USA 


The USINDOPACOM Inspector General assists and advises the Commander and serves as the eyes, ears, voice, and conscience of the command as a fair and impartial fact finder in inspections and investigations, and by providing assistance to USINDOPACOM personnel to enhance the Readiness, Warfighting, and Mission Capabilities of the command.

The Joint Inspector General guiding philosophy is to enhance the Readiness, Warfighting, and Mission Capabilities of the command. Click "here to view the Flyer" (Jul 2023).

IG Core Functions


· Any system, function, or program of the Commander’s concern

· Intelligence Oversight/Information Operations Programs – Mandatory

· Personnel Accountability – Mandatory


· Whistleblower Reprisal

· Fraud, Waste, Abuse, and Mismanagement

· Administrative in nature

· Disciplinary issues and criminal acts are referred to the proper authorities


· Anyone can seek assistance regardless of status

· Refer respondent to the appropriate internal or external agency and monitor resolution

External Oversight

· Manage Department of Defense Inspector General (DoDIG), Government Accountability Office (GAO), and other oversight agency activities within USINDOPACOM

· Track external oversight agency engagements; advise staff and assist with coordination

· Coordinate and review external agency required reports

Teach and Train

· IGs use opportunities to teach and train the IG system, processes, or the focused subject of concern.


Things to Remember When Contacting the IG:

· Anyone can contact the IG regardless of status.

· There is no penalty for contacting the IG.  If you are unsure, just call.

· Communications with the IG are protected against reprisal.

· Confidentiality is automatic and maintained to the maximum extent possible.

· Let the IG know specifically what you want the IG to do for you. 

· IGs use facts to determine and resolve issues; avoid emotion, opinion, and conjecture when communicating with the IG. 

· It will take time to determine the facts to resolve your issue;  be patient, and the IG will keep you informed. 


 IG Confidentiality

The confidentiality of complainants, witnesses, and subjects are automatically maintained by the IG to the maximum extent possible; however, absolute confidentiality cannot be guaranteed in all cases.


Requesting Assistance:

To request assistance or file a complaint, please use/download the DD Form 2949 (PDF) here and e-mail to: pacom_j004_ig.fct@navy.mil on the pdf provided

Please enter the following information when filling out the form: 

a. What do you want the IG to do for you?

b. Do you have any supporting documents?

c. Are there any other agencies involved?

d. Has your Chain of Command been notified/involved?

e. What is your status? (i.e., Active, Reserve, Civilian, Guard, etc.)



Inspector General - COL Michael Minaudo, USA

Deputy Inspector General - Mr. Timothy Soderholm

Chief of Inspections - Lisa S. Aguon

Chief of Assistance and Investigations - Mr. Curtis Palmer

Assistance and Investigations - MSG Markus Skelf, USA

External Oversight Agencies Liaison – Mr. Sal Acosta


Contact Information

Phone: (808) 477-5101

Email: pacom_j004_ig.fct@navy.mil


ATTN J004 – Inspector General

Box 64043

Camp H.M. Smith, HI 96861-4043


(Current as of to July 2023)


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