J06 Office of the Staff Judge Advocate

Key Appointments 

Title Name 

Staff Judge Advocate 

Captain Dom Flatt, USN 
Chief National Security Law Commander Tim Boyle, USN
Chief of Administrative Law Lieutenant Colonel Geovanny Rojas, USA


Front Office Contact 

Phone +1 (808) 477-6378 |  Email:  j06.pacom@pacom.mil


About the Office of the Staff Judge Advocate

The Office of the Staff Judge Advocate (OSJA) delivers full-spectrum legal support to integrated deterrence, legal force readiness, and counter-lawfare in support of COMUSINDOPACOM’s Theater Campaign Plan.  In keeping with COMUSINDOPACOM’s objectives, the OSJA upholds USINDOPACOM’s commitment to the Rules-Based International Order and a Free and Open Indo-Pacific, and actively seeks to strengthen relationships with Allies and Partners through direct collaboration and information sharing. 



Counter-lawfare is a cross-functional concept managed by the OSJA. It encompasses a range of functions centered on the law and enhancing legitimacy of USINDOPACOM’s activities while exposing flawed legal narratives and illuminating activities of those who challenge the rules based international order and a Free and Open Indo-Pacific.  Counter-lawfare features two main lines of effort:

  1. Information – Emphasizing USINDOPACOM’s adherence to the rule of law across the information environment and publicizing behavior by adversaries that undermines the rule of law.
  2. Partnership – Integrating and coordinating with partner-nation legal offices and academia on efforts to promote and uphold the rule of law.  

USINDOPACOM’s counter-lawfare program supports integrated deterrence in accordance with the National Defence Strategy and is nested under the COMUSINDOPACOM Theater Campaign Plan.


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