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J102 Quality of Life and Military Child Education Branch

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Quality of Life
DSN: (315) 477-7904 or 9422 | 
COMM: (808) 477-7904 or 9422
Military Child Education

DSN: (315) 477-9422 | COMM: (808) 477-9422
Individual Contacts
Branch Chief, Quality of Life and Education
COMM: (808) 477-7904/9422 | DSN: (315) 477-7904/9422 

Quality of Life Council Membership
US Pacific Command, US Pacific Fleet, US Pacific Air Forces, US Army Pacific, US Marine Forces Pacific, Hawaii National Guard, US Forces Japan, US Forces Korea, US Pacific Special Operations Command, Alaskan Command, Joint Region Marianas.

To achieve and maintain a level of quality of life for US PACOM personnel and their families which is comparable to the standard enjoyed by the society they are pledged to defend.

To improve the Quality of Life of all service members and their families in the PACOM area of responsibility through the development of a system that enforces a strong relationship with the service components, sub-unified commands, other combatant commands, and the Department of Defense.

- Be a strong advocate for all QoL issues within the PACOM AOR.
- Articulate QoL issues to Community Leaders, Installation Commanders, DoD Policy Makers, and Members of Congress via a unified body.
- Be a synergistic partner with OSD, other combatant commands, local industry, government and non-DOD agencies to garner support and resources.
- Develop and implement a comprehensive publicity program to communicate and increase awareness of QoL in AOR. 


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Joint Venture Education Forum (JVEF) A Partnership of the Military Community & Hawai'i Public Schools 

Membership and Committees
The Executive Board is co-chaired by the HQ USPACOM J1 and the Hawaii Superintendent of Education. 
The Board is comprised of 27 Standing Members representing the Military Components/ Bases, Coast Guard, National Guard, Department of Education, School Complex Area Superintendents, State Legislators, Chamber of Commerce, Hawai'i Business Roundtable, Hui for Excellence in Education, Interstate Compact for Educational Opportunities for Military Children, Military Impacted Principals, and Parents. 

Strategy Groups
JVEF Strategy Groups support Communication and Information, Student Resiliency and Leadership Development, Partnerships and Collaboration, and College and Career Ready groups.  Strategy Groups meet to focus on group goals established by the JVEF bylaws and the HIDOE strategic plan to measurably improve the quality of Hawaii public schools.  The focus of each Strategy Group follows: 
* Communications and Information Strategy Group 
Collects, organizes and disseminates information about JVEF efforts in support of military connected schools within the Hawaii public school system.
* Student Resiliency and Leadership Development Strategy Group
Develops and initiates efforts to help families and school personnel with transition and character development issues that affect education.
* Partnership and Collaboration Strategy Group
Budgets and oversees JVEF resources for initiatives regarding facility improvements, school partnerships, and/or transition centers in military impacted schools.
* College and Career Ready Strategy Group
Develops and initiates efforts to assist schools with curriculum program enhancements, faculty professional development, and special initiatives, and oversees JVEF resources for technology and curriculum improvements.

Dependent Education Resources 
MIC3: Military Interstate Children's Compact Commission
    - Transition Resources Per Military Branch
        * Army (808) 655-9818
        * Air Force (808) 422-3770/1
        * Coast Guard (808) 842-2089
        * Marines (808) 257-2019
        * Navy (808) 3770/1      

General Resources  
    - US PACOM Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month Letter 
    - Charter School Commission 
    - Great Life Hawaii   
    - Hawaii Association of Independent Schools
    - Hawai'i Homeschool Association
    - Marine Corps Base Hawaii  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

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