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Military Information Support Operations 


U.S. Indo-Pacific Command (USINDOPACOM), in coordination with national, international and regional partners, is conducting Military Information Support Operations (MISO) activities over the next 12 months to support a Free and Open Indo-Pacific.  USINDOPACOM’s MISO activities are predominantly conducted via television, radio and the internet, and may also use print media and face-to-face communication.  Other aspects of the program include military-to-military cooperative efforts, supporting military-focused publications, and subject-matter expert exchanges, all of which increase the interoperability and coordination of our military information support efforts with those of our regional partners.

MISO activities are implemented in accordance with U.S. laws and Department of Defense policy in order to support a diversity of voices in the information space, to deter aggression and malign actions, to build partner-nation capacity, and to assist partner-nation counter-terror operations, counter-recruitment efforts, and counter-radicalization programs.  MISO activities are coordinated with U.S. embassies and partner nations to address our shared security concerns within the region.

These MISO activities and military-to-military cooperative efforts will be focused on audiences in Southeast Asia to include the Greater Mekong sub-region, Northeast Asia, Oceania including Micronesia and Melanesia, and South Asia to include the Indian sub-continent.  As needed, MISO efforts will also support activities such as maritime operations, noncombatant evacuations, humanitarian assistance, personnel recovery, and aiding operational efforts in response to instability.  MISO activities also support joint training events with our partners throughout the region to more effectively address our shared security concerns and promote best practices.


DOD Rewards Program 

USINDOPACOM is working with its partners throughout the Indo-Pacific to offer and pay rewards for information that enables the disruption of terrorist threats or contributes to the force protection of U.S. and partner security forces.

As of March 2024, the US Department of Defense (DoD) Rewards Program has collectively paid out over $26.4 million USD in rewards payments.  The program has paid hundreds of individuals for the valuable information that they provided, and it continues to see success in eliciting information on issues that negatively impact global security.


Reporting Civilian Casualties 

This Under Secretary of Defense for Policy webpage provides information on how individuals can submit information about civilian casualties that may have resulted from U.S. military operations. https://policy.defense.gov/OUSDP-Offices/Reporting-Civilian-Casualties.