J7 Training and Exercises Directorate 

Official Code 

Title and Name

Phone Number

J7 Director         
Dr. John Randolph Wood, SES-2  
(808) 477-7701
J701 Deputy Director
Mr. Jerry W. Hanlin, GS-15
(808) 477-8201
J7FO Front Office         
Email:  J7_Front_Office.fct@pacom.mil 
(808) 808-477-9334/8214/8221
J71 Exercise Division Chief
COL. Adisa T. “AK” King
(808) 477-8196
J72 All-Domain Training Division Chief  
COL Thomas R. Matelski
(808) 477-8230
J73 Pacific Warfighting Center Division Chief
Paul S. Tamaribuchi, GS-15
(808) 472-7730