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The contents of this publicly-accessible website are approved by Joint Task Force-Red Hill Public Affairs and in accordance with Department of the Navy, Public Affairs Policy and Regulations, SECNAVINST 5720.44C, CH-1.

JTF-Red Hill Public Affairs Contact Information
Daytime Phone: 808-472-0353
Duty Officer Phone: 808-501-8320


Privacy Advisory: The email address or name you provide as part of the below feedback solicitations are not maintained in any Privacy Act system of records. The information provided will only be used to respond to web inquiries and will be deleted after a response has been submitted.

Freedom of Information Act: The USINDOPACOM FOIA Requestor service Center (RSC) is established in compliance with Executive Order 13392. To submit a FOIA request for U.S. Indo-Pacific Command records, please do so electronically using the U.S. Department of Justice National FOIA Portal at Facsimile, telephonic, postal service and/or electronic mail requests are not accepted at this time.


Submit Inquiries and Concerns

Please see the below tips for submitting effective comments:

  • Substantive comments that provide detailed information are the most useful.
  • Make comments as specific as possible. Clearly identify your issues and concerns. Support assertions with an explanation that includes facts and references, if possible.
  • Do not include any personally identifiable information (PII) within the text of your comment (e.g., home address, social security number, etc.). 


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