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Repacking of Red Hill Fuel Pipelines Begins 

23-001 | Aug. 28, 2023

Repacking Motion Graphic (Related Video)
Honolulu —

Joint Task Force-Red Hill (JTF-RH) announced today it began repacking the fuel pipelines connecting the Red Hill Bulk Fuel Storage Facility (RHBFSF) to fuel points on Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam.     

“We’ve completed all the preparation and coordinated with the Environmental Protection Agency and Hawaii Department of Health,” said Vice Adm. John Wade, JTF-RH commander. “We’re ready to put those plans into action and start the repacking process which is a key event that will ultimately set the conditions for the defueling of Red Hill Bulk Fuel Storage Facility.”     

During repacking, fuel operators intend to fill the lines using fuel from the upper tank farm, and remove all air to ensure a stable flow of fuel when defueling the main underground storage tanks. To reduce risk, JTF-RH will move fuel into the lines incrementally and in a deliberate and controlled manner. The process is expected to take several days.  

This step provides additional verification of the pipeline’s integrity and sets conditions for JTF-RH to begin gravity defueling the RHBFSF main tanks October 16.   

Two of the three pipelines in the RHBFSF will be repacked. The third pipeline was determined to be unnecessary for defueling and will remain empty.  

A JTF-RH video illustrating repacking can be found at:  

JTF-RH is committed to working with regulators and government stakeholders to ensure Red Hill is defueled safely, expeditiously, and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.    

For more information about JTF-RH, visit or downloads the App by searching for “JTF–Red Hill” in the Apple App store or Google Play store.  

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