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New Member Added to Defueling Information Sharing Forum

23-001 | Jan. 30, 2023

Honolulu —

Defueling Information Sharing Forum (DISF) members concurred with adding one new member as they prepare for their second meeting in 2023.

The new member is Hawaii House of Representative Della Au Belatti, added to the forum in an effort to add key stakeholders throughout the community. Rep. Belatti currently serves as the Chair of the House Committee on Health and Homelessness.

Each DISF meeting is an opportunity to share the latest defueling progress and current timeline with forum members, and to collaboratively work through any challenges. DISF members share questions and concerns from their communities and constituents and offer ideas to ensure communities and the people of Oahu have a voice in the defueling process.

Joint Task Force - Red Hill was established by the Secretary of Defense to ensure the safe and expeditious defueling of the RHBFSF. Importantly, Joint Task Force – Red Hill is also committed to consistent engagement with local stakeholders to rebuild trust with the people of Hawaii.

For more information about JTF-Red Hill, or to provide public comment via our contact form, please visit

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