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Joint Task Force - Red Hill Holds Defueling Open House

23-001 | May 25, 2023

JTF Defueling Open House    (Related Video)

HONOLULU – Joint Task Force-Red Hill (JTF-RH) officials met with community members at an open house event Tuesday and Wednesday at the Ke’ehi Lagoon Memorial State Park.

At the Defueling Open House event, JTF-RH presented videos and posters to explain the process of defueling the Red Hill Bulk Fuel Storage Facility.

“As we move through the defueling process and work to rebuild trust with the people of Hawaii, we host these open houses to listen to the people,” said Vice Admiral John Wade, Commander of JTF-RH. “We recognize there are concerns and the best way to address those concerns is face to face, one on one.”

The Joint Task Force held the event to provide more information about the status of the defueling operation and to receive feedback and input from the community. The event provided an opportunity for interested members of the public to find out more about what JTF-RH is doing to defuel the facility and set the conditions for its closure.

JTF-RH leadership spoke with community members about the planning and preparation which will allow an early start to defueling, as was recently announced in the updated DoD Defueling Plan.

The event featured a series of videos each detailing a specific part of the defueling process, in order to explain the technical subject matter in basic terms. These videos were accompanied by posters which visually presented the different phases of the defueling process. Joint Task Force directorate chiefs were on hand to answer questions.

Community leaders and interested members of the public in attendance viewed these materials and spoke with JTF-RH officials. These discussions are part of how the DoD is keeping the people of Hawaii informed about the progress of defueling Red Hill.

JTF-RH is committed to working with regulators and government stakeholders to ensure Red Hill is defueled safely, expeditiously, and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

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The videos presented at the Open House can be found on the following link: JTF-RH Defueling Open House ( 

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