JVEF Membership and Committees

The Executive Board is co-chaired by the HQ USPACOM J1 and the Hawaii Superintendent of Education.

The Board is comprised of 25 Standing Members representing the Military Components/ Bases, Coast Guard, National Guard, Department of Education, School Complex Area Superintendents, State Legislators, Chamber of Commerce, Hawai'i Business Roundtable, Parent Teacher Student Association, Military Impacted Principals, and Parents.

Communications and Information (Strategy Group I)

Instrumental in the production of products designed to help ease transitions.

Textbooks and Technology (Strategy Group IIA)

Has focused over $17 million in the past 9 years towards the purchase of updated textbooks and computer equipment.

Resources and Maintenance (Strategy Group IIB)

The Transition Assistance Resources (TAR) initiative to makeover schools’ transition centers and front offices to help promote positive first impressions to families new to Hawaii’s public school system is in its fourth year of implementation. 

Hawaii 3R’s (Repair, Remodel, Restore) is a private, non-profit organization that provides proactive schools with an alternative means to do repair and maintenance (R&M) projects by getting businesses and the community involved through volunteerism and donations.  H3R’s was started in 2001 as an initiative of U.S. Senator Daniel K. Inouye to assist with the backlog in R&M projects at Hawaii’s public schools.  H3R’s uses the $1 million of JVEF funds given yearly to award grants to military impacted or military partnered schools.

Partnerships – The Air Force, Army, Marines, Navy, Coast Guard and Hawaii National Guard have established a formal Partnership in Education Program in Hawaii.  The number of partnerships continues to grow.  Currently there are 165 active school partnerships in 152 schools statewide.  These volunteer ambassadors make a difference in the lives of students, schools and the community.

  1. Has focused over $4.6 million in the past 9 years towards supporting military partnerships and Hawaii public schools.
  2. Funded 79 partnerships with military-impacted schools at $5,000 each in FY2009.
  3. Funded 25 "Good Neighbor Schools" at $5,000 each in FY2009.
Transition and Citizenship (Strategy Group IIIA)

Beginning in 2004, and supported by the results of the USPACOM survey, JVEF offered Citizenship grants which promoted appreciation and respect for student diversity.  Starting in 2005, the Transition grant was created for schools to develop and/or upgrade their transition programs.  Many military impacted schools received both grants and have reported successful results from their faculty and students.

Curriculum (Strategy Group IIIB)

Close to $500,000 of the FY2009 funds was given to the Hawaii Department of Education to support 33 schools in the areas of mathematics, science, reading and writing, AVID, fine arts, instructional strategies, robotics and Hawaiiana.