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 What public school will my child attend?

The Hawaii Department of Education provides a webpage with a map-by military installation.

 When does the school year start in Hawaii?
As of SY2006-2007 all schools on a regular academic year schedule began using a single school calendar.  For SY2008-2009, July 24 is the first day of school for teachers and July 28 for students. To find out the schedule for a specific school, check out , click on an installation or housing area, and then click on the school name.
 What are vaccination and physical requirements?

This info is available at The Hawaii Department of Health:

Tips: a Tuberculosis test is required prior school starting. Any existing test results cannot exceed one year. Also, the TB results MUST INCLUDE a millimeter reading. This is not done in all states, so if you have it done prior to arrival, make sure the results include a millimeter reading.

A completed health form is required for each student, as proof of a physical examination within one year prior to the start of school. This form should verify all immunizations as well. If you cannot get an appointment prior to the first day of school, an appointment slip, showing an upcoming appointment, will be accepted.

 What special education programs are available?

Since each student's are individual, it's best that you research based on your child's needs. First, try :

Or, contact the Student Support Services Branch at the Dept of Education, 808-733-4400.

 What Gifted and Talented Programs are available?

The Dept of Ed website for G&T is : The Dept of Ed point of contact is the Intructional Services Branch; Health, Social Science and Student Programs Section, at 808-733-9131, ext 315.

Each school has a unique program, so you can find school-specific information by contacting the school's principal.

 What is the cut-off date for a child to enter kindergarten?
Children who will be five years old on or before August 1 may enroll in regular kindergarten, while children who reach five years of age between August 2 and December 31 may enroll in the new Junior Kindergarten.
 Is there after school care available at the school?

Yes, the public schools have the A+ program, that offers after school care on full school days. POC for A+ is Dept of Ed; Instructional Services Branch; Health, Social Science and Student Programs Section, POC is 808-733-9131, ext 300.