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J005 Office of the Foreign Policy Advisor |David J. Ranz (Biography)

Main Office

ATTN J005 
Box 64028
Camp H.M. Smith, HI 96861-4028

TEL: (808) 477-7601
FAX: (808) 477-7607

Individual Contacts:  

Senior Foreign Policy Advisor
David J. Ranz
(808) 477-7603

Deputy Foreign Policy Advisor
Mr. James Neel
(808) 477-7617

Executive Assistant to the Senior Foreign Policy Advisor
YNCS(SW/AW/IW) Jennifer Lewis
(808) 477-7604



Advises Commander, United States Indo-Pacific Command (CDR USINDOPACOM) on the foreign policy implications of his military responsibilities. This includes ensuring that military objectives are in harmony with U.S. political goals, promptly advising of potential problems, recommending steps to strengthen political-military ties with allies and partners in the region, and the preparation of CDR, USINDOPACOM for meetings with senior foreign and U.S. leaders. Also includes helping to formulate strategic goals for CDR, USINDOPACOM to deal with the changing security environment in the Asia/Pacific region.

Accompanies CDR, USINDOPACOM on foreign travels throughout the Pacific and Indian Ocean region, as well as some trips to Washington, D.C., to provide policy support.

Serves as intermediary and focal point for CDR USINDOPACOM's interaction with the Department of State and 55 embassies and diplomatic posts in the region. Maintains extensive contacts at the Department of State to ensure USINDOPACOM's views on important political/military trends in Asia/Pacific receive due consideration in interagency policy deliberations.

Provides policy support for the implementation of USINDOPACOM's strategy to use unique military resources of USINDOPACOM to advance U.S. influence and access in the Pacific. Also serves on USINDOPACOM's Battle Staff for simulated war games and furnishes advice on key aspects of the Command's war plans.

Advises on personal messages, memoranda, speeches, toasts and correspondence for CDR, USINDOPACOM. Also edits/clears texts of congressional testimonies, decision papers, strategy papers/studies, and foreign policy messages for CDR, USINDOPACOM.

Participates in visits and key briefings of senior level foreign and U.S. visitors to USINDOPACOM.

Maintains familiarity with the economic, political and diplomatic realities affecting the 36 nations in the USINDOPACOM area of responsibility.

Maintains close and regular contact with private elements outside the command to stay abreast of political, economic and military trends in the Asia/Pacific strategic environment in order to furnishes advice to CDR USINDOPACOM.

(as of October 2022)



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