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NEWS | Jan. 23, 2024

USAG Daegu HHC Soldiers conduct training with ROK Army 50th Infantry

By Philip Molter U.S. Army Garrison Daegu

Over two days starting January 16, 2024, Soldiers from U.S. Army Garrison Daegu’s Headquarters and Headquarters Company conducted urban assault training with South Korean Army Soldiers from the 50th Homeland Reserve Division’s Palgongsan Brigade at a ROK Army site.

This was the first time for this training to be held at the ROK Army’s training center in Neungseong-dong (neighborhood), Dong-gu (East district) here.

The training utilized the multiple integrated laser engagement system or MILES which enables realistic firing without using any actual ammunition. The well-constructed and laid out site served as a crucible for forging skills in urban warfare, fostering the unique bond between the allied forces.

Col. David Henning, USAG Daegu commander, remarked on the significance of the combined training, stating, "These exercises exemplify the strength of our partnership with the ROK Army. It's not just about skill enhancement; it's about building trust and interoperability for seamless cooperation in any future mission."

Command Sgt. Maj. Asgar Kamaludeen emphasized the shared commitment of Soldiers, saying, "Our partnership extends beyond any borders. This training solidifies our ability to stand shoulder to shoulder, ensuring security and stability."

The Commander of USAG Daegu HHC, Capt. Lester Manding, echoed the sentiment, noting, "Our Soldiers thrive in these combined environments. The collaboration with the ROK Army enhances our collective readiness and capability to address our base defense mission."

That base defense mission, which involves garrison personnel shifting from base support to defending its installations in a contingency, is unique to garrisons in South Korea.

As the sun set on January 17th, the echoes of simulated battles and strategic maneuvers lingered. The success of the MILES training wasn't just measured in tactical victories but in the lasting camaraderie built between U.S. and ROK Soldiers, a testament to the strength of the alliance between these dedicated forces, and putting real meaning into the words “katchi kapshida,” we go together.