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NEWS | June 23, 2022

Army Alaska National Guard, HHC 297th Regional Support Group Soldiers Contribute To Role Playing Operations During Khaan Quest 2022

By Maj. Jamia Odom 297TH Regional Support Group Army Alaska National Guard

Mongolia -- On June 20, 2022, Khan Quest 2022 ended with the official closing ceremony. Over the past two weeks Mongolian Armed Forces (MAF) hosted 15 nations in this 18th iteration of the exercise. By participating in Khaan Quest, nations were able to showcase their resolve in peacekeeping missions around the world.

Soldiers, Spc. Hunter Mains and Spc. Kyle Johnson with the Army Alaska National Guard, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 297th Regional Support Group contributed a major role in CPX operations which had them role play in several different scenarios.

The two Soldiers were appointed to the SITFOR (Situational Force) during the exercise.

Mains described SITFOR duties, “The SITFOR is a group that helps progress the exercise by interacting with the training battalion (BN) through emails, phone calls, and in person. We get dressed up and act in a wide array. We can be a chief of a village calling to say the soldiers did something and we want compensation. Or we can be a commander with troops and work with or against the battalions depending on what the situation calls for.

We wait for meetings or calls when we get an opportunity to show off our skills, we put all we can into it. When asked what the highlight of the exercise was, Mains responded, “The highlight for this exercise was a meeting between Princess Zoeha (a fictional character in the simulation) and the 387th Military Police BN. We pulled out all the stops.

We had a nice outdoor setting, flowers, music, donuts, and coffee. We made it the best meeting we could. Working with the Mongolians and other international Soldiers was very fun and exciting. They bring a lot of knowledge and different ways of doing things to the table. Its amazing to see how each one would approach a situation. They are all great and I really enjoyed my time with them”.

Spc. Kyle Johnson was also on the SITFOR team for the exercise and had the opportunity to work with the civilian Jasper who is a real-life United Nations Peacekeeper. One of Spc. Johnson’s tasks during the exercise was planning the logistics for the medical and food supplies for the two IDP camps comprised of 65, 000 people. As well as trying to coordinate care for 10 women and 3 female children who were intersected by the MPs in a human trafficking ring by pirates. (Pirates were also a part of the scenario).

Both Soldiers also participated at the end of the exercise mock press conference. The press conference is designed to prepare peacekeepers and military leaders for questions that may be asked of them during stressful situations. Johnson and Mains roleplayed as journalists asking the questions.

Johnson was also asked what he enjoyed most about roleplaying during the exercise. He said, “Honestly my favorite part was being a “humanitarian”. It is what I am pursuing my degree in. It was amazing to get to have some relief life experience in this particular area, especially being mentored by a real United Nations peacekeeper.


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