NEWS | Oct. 8, 2020

Fleet Logistics Center Yokosuka Hosts First Women’s Forum

By Brandon Taylor Director Of Corporate Communications and Public Affairs, NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center Yokosuka

YOKOSUKA, Japan -- Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) Fleet Logistics Center (FLC) Yokosuka held its very first military women’s forum, both online and in-person, to empower the command’s women by discussing topics such as professionalism, self-care, financial health and more.

Almost all of NAVSUP FLC Yokosuka’s active duty women attended, spread out between the command’s headquarters in Yokosuka and its sites in Singapore, Chinhae, Sasebo and Diego Garcia.

“I’m honored to kick off this forum and to be a front-line supporter of all the women on active duty throughout this command,” said Capt. Edward Pidgeon, NAVSUP FLC Yokosuka commanding officer in his opening remarks. “I’m one of 15 children in my family and have eight sisters. Throughout my life, my sisters have been the anchor of my large family, playing an important role keeping our family bonded and I’ve learned quite a lot from their perspectives.”

One of the guest speakers was Lt. Elizabeth Conley from U.S. Naval Hospital Yokosuka’s Mental Health Department. Conley, presented on mental toughness and emotional intelligence, providing Sailors with skills needed to adapt in challenging times.

In Conley’s presentation, she described methods to accurately assess your mental state, encouraged the importance and effectiveness of professional help, detailed the significance of connections with positive family members and friends and how to relax or meditate.

“I joined the forum because I know that I will gain a lot of information that will help me in my career, especially being a woman in military,” said Retail Specialist 2nd Class Princess Orozco. “One of the topics was self-care, which is most important for me. Taking care of yourself first and being fully ready will definitely have a positive outcome once you face all the challenges and workload.”

One of the more senior enlisted attendees reported programs like these serve as great support functions that can help retain talent, develop well-rounded Sailors and provide tools for Sailors to enhance their careers.

The forum is aligned with Pidgeon’s push for a NAVSUP FLC Yokosuka to remain a world class workforce, by fostering the professional and development of its employees by providing training, education, quality-of-life support and optimizing workforce requirements.

NAVSUP constantly renews its commitment to foster an environment that appreciates individual perspectives and enhances the command’s ability to develop effective solutions to today’s challenges by building, maintaining and supporting an inclusive workforce.

NAVSUP FLC Yokosuka is one of eight FLCs under Commander, NAVSUP. Headquartered in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, and employing a diverse, worldwide workforce of more than 22,500 military and civilian personnel, NAVSUP's mission is to provide supplies, services, and quality-of-life support to the Navy and joint warfighter.