NEWS | Dec. 3, 2019

Select Reenlistment Bonus and Pay for Performance Pilot Update

Chief of Naval Personnel Public Affairs

WASHINGTON -- How does a little extra cash sound? The Navy is looking to retain talented and skilled Sailors by offering reenlistment bonuses for critical billets; some as high as $100,000.

For Sailors coming up on their reenlistment date, MyNavy HR recommends they talk to a career counselor as soon as possible and chart out their career course.

“Incentives are just one way we are retaining and managing top talent as part of Sailor 2025. To those eligible and re-enlisting, we’re excited that you are staying Navy,” said Rear Adm. Jeffrey Jablon, director of military personnel, plans and policies.

With the December changes, there are 62 award-level additions and 46 bonus increases, making this a significant update since July and a great time to go see your career counselors.

The Navy also announced the expansion of the Pay for Performance (P4P) pilot program (a Sailor 2025 initiative) for Sailors in seven engineering ratings and now two additional ratings: naval aircrewman (helicopter) and culinary specialist (submarine).

To be eligible for this superior performance kicker, you must have received two early promotes (EP) on your three most recent regular periodic evaluations. Transfer, concurrent, or special evaluations will not qualify. It goes without question, a Sailor cannot have received non-judicial punishment and have not failed any part of the physical fitness assessment within the last three years.

To find out more about the Navy’s critical billets and Pay for Performance pilot, read NAVADMIN 272/19 or go to