NEWS | June 28, 2019

Vietnamese People's Army Officer Participates in International Exercise

By Lance Cpl. Kindo Go

ULAANBAATAR, Mongolia -- Vietnamese Armed Forces Capt. Huong Vu is a native of Hanoi, Vietnam, who wanted to take part in peacekeeping around the world. She read about the United Nations and the missions they conducted, thinking about how amazing the missions were. Vu is now a staff officer with the Vietnam Department of Peacekeeping Operations and is participating in Khaan Quest 2019 from June 14-28.

Q: How do you feel being in the military?
A: "I feel really proud serving in the military. There is a lot of opportunities you miss just being a civilian. If I stayed a civilian, I would never get the chance to participate in peacekeeping exercises like Khaan Quest. You also get to travel around to different countries and work with the people there, which is something I really enjoy."

Q: Why do you think Khaan Quest and peacekeeping are important?
A: "I think Khaan Quest is very important because of my lack of experience. What I learn here will definitely be a major help in any mission I deploy to in the future. This is a big confidence booster for me, especially in my leadership skills. I also think peacekeeping is important because we get to work with other countries. We learn about each other and how to work efficiently with one another. To me, this is very essential experience I gain, especially from the more experienced participants of Khaan Quest."

Q: Why do you think women are important in peacekeeping?
A: "In the past, there has been the concept that women are weak and all the protecting should be left to men. I think that's wrong! Women are powerful and can do a lot of things. Women who participate in peacekeeping can protect people just as well as men do. We should go for more gender equality and believe more in the abilities of men and women."