NEWS | June 4, 2019

607 Air Support Operations Group Showcases New Facility on Osan

By Staff Sgt. Ramon A. Adelan 51st Fighter Wing Public Affairs

OSAN AIR BASE, Republic of Korea -- The 607th Air Support Operations Group (ASOG) recently opened a new facility here and demonstrated their enhanced capabilities to Team Osan and U.S. Forces Korea leaders.

The facility provides the 607th ASOG a centralized location which services human performance, operational control, and equipment and fleet management.

“The facility is a purpose-built facility for our mission, which has everything collocated here,” said U.S. Air Force Col. Jason Daniels, 607th ASOG commander. “Onsite we have a joint terminal attack control (JTAC) simulator, human performance labs, vehicle bays and equipment storage. These attributes ensure our readiness to quickly execute the mission.”

The 607th ASOG’s mission is to project and integrate airpower with the combined, joint force. The unit provides air-to-ground integration and weather intelligence expertise to the U.S. Army while working hand-in-hand with their ROK Air Force counterparts.

Additionally, the group is responsible for sustaining U.S. facilities and equipment at four ROK Air Force bases for use during training and contingency operations.

“The tactical air control party (TACP) weapon system is built around the human as the platform,” Daniels said. “Our human performance lab consists of cardio, strength and therapy sections which are operated by two on-site experts: a physical therapist and a strength coach.”

The purpose for staffing human performance experts is to maintain the human weapon system through preventative and reactive measures. These practices keep Airmen healthy and increase longevity.

“Our simulator provides a critical readiness tool which enables us to provide high-end JTAC training to our operators,” Daniels said. “It also mitigates impacts to live-fly training caused by things such as weather.”

The 607th ASOG knows that readiness, first and foremost, is about people. The new Airman-centric facility will enhance the command and control capabilities of the unit for years to come.