NEWS | May 17, 2019

Tri-service Team Offloads Marine Corps Cargo at Pearl Harbor

By Mrs. Donna Klapakis SDDC

PEARL HARBOR, Hawaii -- 599th Transportation Brigade personnel facilitated offload of U.S. Marine Corps helicopters and equipment from the M/V Green Lake here May 6-7.

Members of the 599th joined Marines Corps and Fleet Logistics Center, Pearl Harbor teammates for the vessel discharge.

"We booked the vessel liner terms with Central Gulf Lines. This was the Marine Corps rotation, MAG 24, equipment returning from a deployment to Asia," said Jimmy Quilon, contracting officer representative for the move.

"Young NCOs from 599th headquarters who had not done this operation before did great," said Quilon.

"We helped document the cargo that came off the vessel, making sure that it was the right destination and the right cargo, checking the MSLs [military shipping labels]," said Staff Sgt. Andre Carroll, 599th operations NCO.

"Young Marines were receptive to learning how to do the vessel operations correctly," said Quilon. "Our 599th NCOs also worked well with their Marine embark counterparts, building cohesion among services."

"I like working with any other branch," said Staff Sgt. Andre Carroll, 599th operations NCO. "I enjoy learning differences with terminology. For example, what they call an embark team is 88 November to us."

"I always like getting out to the port to do my job," he added.

"I worked with the Marine embark team to unlash helicopters," said Sgt. Deontre Austin, 599th surface operations center NCO. "I didn't have to show them what to do at all, they are used to loading and offloading."

The safety briefing was at 6:30 a.m. on May 6, and unlashing began at 7, then cargo started coming off at 7:30, said Carroll.

"When they started unloading the vehicles from the upper deck, they were very quick," said Austin.

"At that time I was on the ship counting the pieces that came off to help with the situation report," he added.

"On May 6 at about 4 p.m., they decided to extend to the next day because of the exaggerated slope on the stern ramp caused by tidal change," said Quilon.

Although one of the helicopters had been damaged during upload operations for the return trip to Hawaii, the offload was conducted without accident or incident.

"Everyone conducted their operations in a meticulous manner, adhering to prescribed safety protocols," said Quilon.

"The return sail to Hawaii was very smooth," said Christopher Cruz, Green Lake chief mate, "But during the upload before we sailed to Hawaii, a tow-bar gave way. Luckily, the helicopter went onto the pier instead of off into the ocean."

"The offload is going very well. However, one of the CH 53s will have to be repaired before they can fly it back to K-Bay," said Navy Lt. Cmdr. Luke Hanson, ocean terminal chief for Fleet Logistics Center Pearl Harbor.

"I was able to do my job in Hawaii," said Austin. "You can't get better than that."