NEWS | March 8, 2019

Regional Health Command-Pacific Hosts Singapore Armed Forces for Forensic Dentistry Global Health Engagement

By Emily Yeh

FORT SHAFTER, Hawaii -- On March 5, Regional Health Command-Pacific hosted the Singapore Armed Forces during a visit to the Dental Health Command-Pacific. DHC-P's commander, Col. David Mott and Command Sgt. Major, Johnnathan Quaye provided Col. (Dr.) Gabriel Chong, second People's Defence Force Division Medical Officer, Headquarters Army Medical Services, and SAF Consultant in Dental Public Health and Forensic Dentistry, discussed forensic dentistry during the subject matter exchange.

During the visit Chong, Mott, Quaye, and the Dental Health Activity - Hawaii command team exchanged information on subjects such as the full array of remains management, from recovery identification, to repatriation, as well as burial and family assistance. RHC-P subject matter experts also discussed the full spectrum of the Department of Defense's dental capabilities and future research developments in military dentistry.

The collaboration between the DHC-P SMEs and SAF personnel, demonstrate the ongoing cooperation across the Indo-Pacific region which continually strengthens relationships surrounding critical medical capabilities through global health engagements. The efforts today will enhance the development of long-term military health engagements and chart future collaborations between the United States and Singapore.