NEWS | Feb. 7, 2019

Cobra Gold 19 School Post Assessment

By Sgt. Kyle Talbot U.S. Army Pacific Public Affairs Office  

PHITSANULOK, Thailand -- U.S. military members were greeted by the smiling faces of students while learning about science, math, reading, and even agriculture.

U.S. Marines from the 3d Civil Affairs Group (CAG), Detachment 1, Team 2 alongside U.S. Soldiers from 5th Psychological Operations Battalion traveled to the Bantabakngam School to conduct a post assessment for the building constructed during Cobra Gold 14. An assessment is a follow through consultation with the staff to ensure the facility is in suitable conditions for the children and is continuing to benefit the community.

Arriving to the school the U.S. military members were greeted by smiling faces of students while learning about science, math, reading, and even agriculture.

“We go back there in order to make sure they are up keeping the building properly and to build our relationship stronger with them. We want them to see that we do care; we don’t just do a project and leave them” said Marine Corps Staff Sgt. Lopez, a Civil Affairs Noncommissioned Officer with 3d CAG.

For the Thai students of Bantabakngam, the school system supports their educational necessities for growth, while helping to establish a secure future for the community.

“The main thing a school does is give an education for the children, so when the children grow up, they will help this country” said Mr. Supah Intupute, Principal of Bantabakngam School. “Children around this area will come to this school and it’s like their safe place for the parents because the school is near by their home.”

The school post assessments display the mutual commitment between the U.S. and Kingdom of Thailand. The Engineering Civil Act Program (ENCAP) is a building block to upcoming relations with the communities in the Kingdom of Thailand. Together, our actions will build better communities and a strong partnership for challenges ahead.