NEWS | Jan. 23, 2019

Pacific Air Forces Enters 2019 with Renewed Mission, Vision, Priorities

Pacific Air Forces public affairs

JOINT BASE PEARL HARBOR HICKAM, Hawaii -- Gen. CQ Brown, Jr., Pacific Air Forces (PACAF) commander, kicked off 2019 reflecting on the command’s previous year’s accomplishments and showcasing the renewed command mission, vision and priorities.

“It has been my great honor and pleasure to lead the men and women of PACAF,” Brown said. “I look forward to building on the successes and strong relationships in the region to ensure a free and open Indo-Pacific.”

Soon after taking command, Brown shared his leadership tenets and expectations for PACAF Airmen. Just prior to the holidays, he published the command’s renewed mission, vision and priorities.

“To me, our mission is clear…as the Air Component of U.S. Indo-Pacific Command (USINDOPACOM), we apply our capabilities with our allies and partners to preserve peace within the region. And our vision is what we want to be…what we work towards with every operation, every exercise, and every engagement in upholding a free and open Indo-Pacific,” he said. “Lastly, our priorities drive us to attain this vision -- PACAF must be Ready, Resilient, and Postured for the Future.”

“We’ve got to be ready, every day, more ready than we were the day prior. There’s an operational resiliency where we are able to execute the missions we’ve been given, and it’s also our resiliency as individuals,” Brown said. “And we’ve got to ensure we’ve set the folks up that come behind us. The path may change a little bit, but I think it’s important we actually take that first step and ensure we’re postured for the future.”

Since taking command, Brown completed visits to seven bases -- the remainder of which he’ll visit early in 2019 -- and participated in more than 45 key engagements with allies and partners in the region, including visits to Korea, Japan, Australia, Indonesia and India.

All of these events were enabled by PACAF Airmen, who themselves engaged in more than 40 exercises and 185 regional engagements throughout the AOR.

These engagements are just part of PACAF’s daily efforts to operationalize or “bring to life,” the PACAF strategy, Brown said. That includes “operationalizing new warfighting concepts for great power competition, strengthening alliances and partnerships and increasing our lethality through our exercises and operations.”

Additionally, Brown outlined key steps to further the strategy, including the development of measurable objectives, articulating requirements, developing key tools and processes to track progress and improving data collection and assessment.

“As PACAF supports USINDOPACOM’s implementation of the National Defense Strategy, we will advance our air, space and cyberspace capabilities to be effective across the full spectrum – from cooperation to conflict,” Brown said. “I ask every Airman in PACAF to focus on our priorities so that our Joint Force can compete, deter, and win.”