NEWS | Nov. 2, 2018

New title, Same Mission | 3rd Marine Logistics Group Re-designation Ceremony for HQ Regiment to Combat Logistics Regiment-37

By Lance Cpl. Armando Elizalde 3rd Marine Logistics Group

CAMP KINSER, Okinawa, Japan -- The redesignation of Headquarters Regiment, 3rd Marine Logistics Group, to Combat Logistics Regiment 37 took place at Camp Kinser, Okinawa, Japan Nov. 2, 2018.

The regiment was first activated May 1, 1958, as Headquarters and Service Company, 3rd Force Service Regiment, the precursor to 3rd Marine Logistics Group. 3rd FSR was involved in operations across the Indo-Pacific including Operation Blue Star, near Taiwan, and Operation Fuel Pump, Japan, in 1960.

The regiment was awarded two meritorious unit commendations for outstanding service in support of military operations conducted in Vietnam from 1968 to 1971. Five years later, the regiment was redesignated March 6, 1976, as Headquarters and Service Battalion, 3rd Force Service Support Group.

The regiment was again redesignated in 2005 as CLR-37 and assigned to 3rd MLG, which participated in Operation Tomodachi, Japan, in response to an earthquake and tsunami disaster in 2011. The regiment was later redesignated September 30, 2014, as Headquarters Regiment, 3rd MLG.

“I think it is the right thing to do and it is the right time,” stated Brig. Gen. Keith D. Reventlow, commanding general, 3rd Marine Logistics Group during the ceremony. “We look forward to continuing success as CLR-37.”

Command and control, administration, communications, food services and services to the MLG Command Element and to other elements of Marine Air-Ground Task Forces, as directed, will continue to be provided by CLR-37.

“Today is, really, about the Marines standing behind me and the 60 years that the Marines before them have served this regiment and this battalion,” said Col. Scott R. Johnson, commanding officer of CLR-37.

Despite the change of title, the function of CLR-37 will continue to service 3rd MLG to provide logistic combat elements for III Marine Expeditionary Force.