NEWS | Oct. 26, 2018

Installation Management Command -- Pacific Strategic Forum Enhances Readiness Across Directorate

IMCOM-Pacific Public Affairs

FORT SHAFTER, Hawaii -- Leaders from Army garrisons across the Pacific gathered in Honolulu 16 -- 18 Oct. to discuss trends, identify opportunities and develop strategies to enhance organizational and personnel readiness throughout the Pacific Directorate of Installation Management Command.

The three-day semi-annual Senior Leadership Forum is designed to provide a focused discussions and training among IMCOM-Pacific's leadership, staff and garrison commanders, senior enlisted advisors as well as other personnel.

"These forums are one of the reasons 'Service Culture,' thrives here within IMCOM-Pacific. Getting leaders in a room to focus on challenges and opportunities we all share means we are leveraging our experiences to enhance the lives of our customers and the readiness of our forces" Dr. Christine Altendorf, IMCOM-Pacific director, said. "The institutional knowledge combined with the innovative leadership skills we are privileged to have both among our garrison commanders and the IMCOM-Pacific staff allow us to focus on ways to improve as a team."

The leadership forum featured discussions on smart building technology, the Pacific Non-Appropriated Funds Capital Investment Program, negotiation strategies, and other breakout sessions. The participants also participated in a video teleconference with the IMCOM Commanding General, Lt. Gen. Bradley A. Becker.

Becker stressed the importance of teamwork and building cohesive teams not just within IMCOM, but with senior commanders and units on installations across the Pacific. He also spoke about the import roles Army installations play in the readiness and modernization of the Army. "We build readiness and project power from our installations."