NEWS | Oct. 12, 2018

3rd Marine Division conducts a Combat Assault Battalion Deactivation

By Pfc. Dylan Hess

CAMP COURTNEY, OKINAWA, Japan -- Combat Assault Battalion was activated February 16, 1942 at New River, North Carolina. CAB has been in many locations and went under many names including at 1st Marine Division, Camp Pendleton CA, as the 1st Amphibian Track Battalion before being reassigned to the 3rd Marine Division on March 16, 1965. In July of 1967 CAB was moved to its final location on Camp Schwab, Okinawa, Japan.

“The Combat Assault Battalion provided light armor vehicles to provide reconnaissance and amphibious assault vehicles to provide the armored protective capability of a self-deploying amphibious vehicle to the division,” said Lt. Col. Jacob Robinson, the Commanding Officer for the Combat Assault Battalion.

CAB has fought in major conflicts including World War 2, Korea, Vietnam and Iraq. CAB’s mission is to conduct Amphibious Assault, Light Armor Reconnaissance and Combat Engineer operations across the Pacific to support the Marine Air Ground Task Force. CAB is made up of Combat Engineer Company, a Light Armored Reconnaissance Company, Assault Amphibian Vehicle and Headquarters and Services Company.

The deactivation of this historical and unique unit comes with new strategies the Marine Corps is beginning to implement.

“Marine Corps Force 2025 is a strategy the Marine Corps is working towards that provides additional operational capabilities to fight in future combat environments,” said Robinson. “Allocations from the Combat Assault Battalion was relocated to other units as an evolutionary process. I like to describe it as creative destruction.”

Combat Assault Battalion will be deactivated officially on October 12, 2018. The battalions units will be spread throughout the 3rd Marine Division with a majority of them going to the 4th Marine Regiment.

“I would like to give my thank to those who are currently serving and has served in the Combat Assault Battalion for their support, commitment and their contribution to our nation and to the 3rd Marine Division,” said Robinson.