NEWS | Sept. 26, 2018

Under Secretary Navy Visits Vanuatu for Partnership Building

Under Secretary of the Navy Public Affairs

PORT VILA, Vanuatu -- Under Secretary of the Navy Thomas Modly completed a partnership-building visit to Vanuatu on Sep. 26, 2018.

Modly was in the area to meet with senior civilian and military officials to discuss bilateral and multilateral maritime security issues and efforts.

Meetings were held with the Vanuatu Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Vanuatu Minister of Interior Affairs, the Vanuatu Police Force, the Vanuatu Mobile Force, and the Vanuatu Police Maritime Wing.

Modly discussed, among other topics, improving military-to-military cooperation, shared security interests, and a mutual desire for safety, security & prosperity in the region.

“It is part of our national defense strategy to work with countries in the Pacific, like Vanuatu, and strengthen those alliances and partnerships to ensure freedom of navigation, freedom of commerce, and of course freedom of development and prosperity,” said Modly. “We want to be a firm and active partner in the security of this region and will continue to commit ourselves to that goal.”

Modly's stop in Port Vila is part of a multi-nation visit to the Oceania region focused on strengthening partnerships and cooperation.