NEWS | May 24, 2018

Marine Military Police Complete Field Training Exercise in Okinawa

By Cpl. Jonah Baase III Marine Expeditionary Force

WHITE BEACH NAVAL FACILITY, Okinawa, Japan -- Marines with 3rd Law Enforcement (LE) Battalion, III Marine Expeditionary Force, completed a field training exercise (FTX) here May 23.

“This training is especially valuable to the Marines because they get the chance to refine skills vital to accomplishing the mission,” said Gunnery Sgt. Joseph Anderson, the company gunnery sergeant of Company A, 3rd LE.

During the FTX, Marines conducted low-light quick reaction force training, nonlethal weapons training, motorized patrols and tactical site exploitation.

“Our Marines consistently train for evaluations like this,” said Anderson from Colonia, New Jersey. “Evaluations like FTX show us what can be improved on to tackle any mission and crisis in our operational area.”

Marines with 3rd LE conduct FTXs quarterly and continuously train to maintain the ability to provide safety and order while in garrison or in the field.

“We’ve focused largely on our tactical site exploitation during this training iteration,” said Capt. Paul Johnson, company commander of Company A. “Having the skills and equipment to process evidence is a game-changer, especially while in a field environment.”

Johnson said tactical site exploitation helps military police process evidence more quickly, eliminating potential weeks of waiting for evidence to be shuttled between the field and crime labs.

“The most important benefit to the training … is that we catch the bad guys as fast as possible,” said Johnson from Harrisburg, Virginia. “We will continue exploring new ideas and honing skills the Marines already have to ensure the safety of service members and the local population in our operating environments.”