NEWS | Jan. 31, 2018

The United Nations Command (Rear) Change of Command

By Yasuo Osakabe 374th Airlift Wing public affairs

YOKOTA AIR BASE, Japan -- Royal Australian Air Force Group Captain Adam Williams assumed command of United Nations Command Rear, from Royal Australian Air Force Group Captain Michael W. Jansen during a change of command ceremony at Yokota Air Base, Japan, Jan. 29.

The reviewing officer of the ceremony was U.S. Army General Vincent K. Brooks, commander of United Nations Command (UNC), Combined Forces Command and U.S. Forces Korea.

“I want to thank the representatives of various counties who are here today. This is an important expression of what it is that UNC stands for, and what the UNC Rear command has done. We have representatives from: Japan, Australia, Netherlands, Thailand, Canada, Italy, New Zealand, Philippines, United Kingdom, and United States. I think it says an awful lot about the importance of this organization.” Brooks said during the ceremony.

Also Gen. Brooks talked about his vision as the UNC commander.

“One of my priorities as the UNC commander has been to keep the UNC vital and relevant. In fact to make it more vital and more relevant. UNC (Rear), under Group Captain Jensen has been at the forefront of meeting this priority.”

Under RAAF Group Captain Jensen’s command, UNC (Rear) had the busiest period from July to November last year since the 1950’s.

As the UNC’s principal representative in Japan, the UNC (Rear) maintains the status of force agreement (SOFA) regarding United Nations Forces in Japan during armistice conditions. During hostilities, the unit supports UNC operations within Japan and facilitates movement of UNC sending states’ forces to the Republic of Korea.

“I am honored and privileged to have been assigned command of this very unique unit and look forward to maintaining the legacy of relationships and operational results as we move forward to make sure that if we are called upon to help in any given scenario within this region, we will do our best to respond in an integrated manner to deliver the effect we need to help complete the mission.”
RAAF Group Captain Williams said during his speech as the commander of the UNC (Rear).