NEWS | Nov. 7, 2017

1st Marine Aircraft Wing Participates in Exercise Blue Chromite 2018

By Cpl. Jessica Etheridge 1st Marine Aircraft Wing

OKINAWA, Japan -- Marines with 1st Marine Aircraft Wing participated in the joint field training exercise Blue Chromite (BC) 2018, throughout the prefecture of Okinawa, Japan, October 23 – November 3, 2017.

BC18 is a U.S.-only mission rehearsal which strengthens the Navy-Marine Corps expeditionary, amphibious rapid- response capabilities required to swiftly and effectively respond to a regional crisis or contingency across the Indo-Asia-Pacific region.

“Blue Chromite presents a really exceptional training opportunity for Marines. It gives them the opportunity to exercise the entire Marine Air Ground Task Force concept, where we can get members working together from the ground and air combat elements as well as the specific unit headquarters to plan together and train together,” said Maj. Scott R. Wood, the current operations officer for BC18. “So eventually if we need to, we can fight together effectively.”

BC18 is a decisive demonstration of the range and strength of the Navy-Marine Corps capabilities. It is not a question of if but when those capabilities will be called upon in response to crises or disaster in the region.

“We exercised command and control for the Marine Aircraft Group headquarters, to facilitate training with 4th Marine Regiment, Victor 1/3 and 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion, with aerial support,” said Wood.

Throughout the exercise they conducted many essential tasks such as, establishment of forward arming and refueling point, air delivery ground refuel, air assaults, ground threat reaction training, close air support, tactical recovery of aircraft and personnel and carrier qualifications for all flying squadrons.

The Navy-Marine Corps team remains forward and ready through our shared commitment to employ the full range of military capabilities. Not only do we share common values and tactics, we face common threats requiring our combined resolve.

“We always need to be ready to fight tonight, it’s briefed constantly, like are we ready … what are you doing right now that’s making you ready to fight tonight,” said Wood. “Conducting this exercise and having the squadrons working together is going to make everyone a more effective fighting force when we are called upon.”