NEWS | April 16, 2018

Human Resource Soldiers Return to Hawaii from 9 Month Deployment

8th Theater Sustainment Command  

FORT SHAFTER, Hawaii -- Forty seven Soldiers from the 8th Human Resources Sustainment Center (HRSC), 8th Theater Sustainment Command, redeployed from supporting missions in Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan in support of U.S. Army Central Command’s area of Operation on April 13, 2018.

In what could probably be the happiest Friday the 13th event imaginable, Soldiers were welcomed by more than a hundred family members, friends and command leadership to close out a mission that has kept them apart for the last 9 months.

Col. Douglas Vallejo, the Deputy Commander of the 8th Theater Sustainment Command, thanked the Soldiers and family members of the 8th HRSC for their dedication to duty and service to our nation, and the professionalism with which they supported service members across the region.

“Five divisions of various specialties and areas of concentration makeup the 8th Human Resources Sustainment Center, and though it may look small on the surface, the level of impact that they have and demonstrated in the theater is far from minor. Providing guidance and oversight to theater leadership on personnel accountability, casualty operations, and postal operations, are just a few of the things that this formation does for our Army, and let me be the first to tell you, they are extremely good at what they do.”

As the fourth deployment for the unit since its creation in 2006, the 8th HRSC coordinates, integrates and synchronizes personnel accountability and strength reporting, casualty reporting, Army postal operations and reception staging and onward movement tracking and analysis throughout the theater. The specialized unit is one of only five HRSCs in the total Army.

As part of the regular rotation of forces to support this important mission, the 8th HRSC was replaced by the 310th HRSC, one of two HRSCs in the U.S. Army Reserve Component.