U.S. Pacific Command

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PACOM House Armed Services Committee Posture Statement March 5, 2013 — Good morning Chairman McKeon, Ranking Member Smith, and distinguished members of the committee. Thank you for the opportunity to testify today and to provide you with my perspectives on the posture of MORE

Asia-Pacific Rebalance: Defending the Shared domains February 21, 2013 — Good Morning …Bonjour… or as we say in Hawaii…ALOHA. Actually I was supposed to be in another area of my responsibility today – I was supposed to be at the South Pole. I was going to go down there and MORE

ADM Locklear roundtable with East Asia Media Hub February 1, 2013 — DISCLAIMER: Please note that this transcript is not 100% complete and some questions were condensed to their main points, while the Admiral’s answers are transcribed as much as we could based on the MORE

A Combatant Commander’s View on the Asia-Pacific Rebalance: The Patch-Work Quilt December 6, 2012 — Thank you for that kind introduction… And a special thanks to the Asia Society for the opportunity to speak to this really distinguished group... I’ve been looking forward to this for a while and to MORE

Defense Department News Briefing in the Pentagon Briefing Room December 6, 2012 — ADMIRAL SAMUEL J. LOCKLEAR - Well, good morning, and aloha.  I'm glad to be here to talk to you today about the Pacific Command, where we are today and where we see ourselves heading in the MORE

Kokoda Foundation Australia November 15, 2012 — Australia - Thank you for that kind introduction… And a special thanks to the Kokoda Foundation for the opportunity to speak to this distinguished group... Just as the men of the Maroubra Force rose MORE

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