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Navy Region Hawaii, Joint Task Force-Red Hill Provide Updates on Response Efforts to AFFF Release at Red Hill Bulk Fuel Storage Facility

22-002 | Dec. 1, 2022


Commander, Navy Region Hawaii and Joint Task Force-Red Hill issued the following informational updates today regarding response efforts to the Nov. 29 Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF) release at the Red Hill Bulk Fuel Storage Facility (RHBFSF):

  • On Dec. 1, the Hawaii Department of Health (DOH) approved the Navy’s PFAS Sampling and Analysis Plan (SAP), which outlines the sampling strategy at RHBFSF, in response to the Nov. 29 AFFF release at Adit 6. The SAP was developed in direct coordination with DOH and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and follows approved testing methods.
  • Included in the plan, the Navy will test nine groundwater monitoring wells in the vicinity for PFAS.
  • Approximately 3,000 cubic feet of soil has been targeted for removal from the site. That portion of the excavation is now approximately 85% complete. So far, the soil has been placed in more than 100 55-gallon drums. Additionally, a significant amount of the contaminated asphalt and concrete swale has been removed from the site and taken to an interim site on JBPHH. All of the AFFF free product in the interior of Adit 6 has been absorbed with absorbent pads, and a technical evaluation is currently in progress to determine the means and methods to remediate AFFF from the concrete surface.
  • JTF-RH defueling-related repairs, modifications and enhancements are suspended presently to focus on spill response and to better understand the current risk situation due to the absence of the normal AFFF coverage.
  • The AFFF system at the RHBFSF is offline and on-site fire protection is being managed by Federal Fire from JBPHH.
  • JTF-RH will appoint an investigating officer to conduct a thorough investigation into the Red Hill AFFF release in the coming days.
  • JTF-RH has released additional photos of ongoing remediation at:

The Navy’s drinking water remains safe; water in the system continues to come from the Waiawa shaft, located approximately six miles away.

JTF-RH was established by the Secretary of Defense to ensure the safe and expeditious defueling of the RHBFSF. Importantly, JTF-RH is also committed to consistent engagement with local stakeholders to rebuild trust with the people of Hawaii.

For more information about JTF-RH, or to provide public comment via the contact form, please visit

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