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NEWS | April 22, 2015

12 Key Tasks Help Team Osan 'Get After' Priorities

By 51st Fighter Wing Public Affairs

This is the first in a series of articles relating an overview of the 12 key tasks at Osan Air Base, Republic of Korea. The way Team Osan focuses on the 51st Fighter Wing's command priorities and defends the freedom of 51 million people will be explored through the 12 tasks prioritized as: runway construction, base defense, Operational Plan readiness, pilot training, Enlisted and Officer Performance reports and decorations, combat operation procedures, ready Airmen, communications, dormitories, the Mustang Resiliency Center, consolidated requirement listing, and leadership development. Concluding the series will be a wrap-up article with a video showing the comprehensive spectrum of how Team Osan works on the key tasks.

In previous articles, we've explored the mission principles and commander priorities of Osan Air Base, Republic of Korea. The principles pose the "why" of why Team Osan is in the ROK: to defend the freedom of 51 million people. The three principles of "defend the base, execute combat operations and sustain the force," explains "how" Team Osan accomplishes the mission.  The commander priorities of "building fight tonight readiness", "strengthening the base and team", "growing leadership and professionalism", and "driving innovative solutions" further direct the path of Team Osan. Beyond the priorities are 12 specific key tasks, which enable Team Osan to focus on accomplishing the command priorities.

Each key task falls under one of the four priorities:

Runway construction, base defense, OPLAN readiness, pilot training, and combat operation procedures are tied to "building fight tonight readiness".

The focus on enhancing and improving EPR, OPR, and decorations, the erection of a more resourceful Mustang Resiliency Center, and leadership development all fall under the priority of "growing leadership and professionalism."

Having mission ready Airmen, diversifying communication on and around base, and overhauling the base dormitory system to include greater dorm integrity are all under "strengthening the base and team."

In addition to being directly tied to command priorities, each task is filled with specific goals and a purpose.

Runway repair focuses on immediate short-term repairs to the base runway and how to best accomplish this while maintaining mission requirements at Osan AB. The Civil Engineer Squadron is the primary means of achieving this task.

Base defense is an omnipresent focus of Team Osan, which includes perimeter defense. This task is primarily accomplished by the Security Forces Squadron.

OPLAN readiness is accomplished through the Korean Readiness Orientation and Ready Mustang Program. The two policies work in tandem to ensure incoming service members are equipped, trained, and ready to fight within 30 days. This task is primarily taken care of at the unit level and by the Logistic Readiness Squadron.

Pilot training is aimed at keeping Team Osan's collection of F-16 and A-10 Airmen trained and ready to the best extent possible. This task is primarily accomplished through the Operations Group.

EPR, OPR, and decoration progress is, like OPLAN readiness, in part accomplished through the KRO and also at the unit level. Supervisors and service member's chain of command are primarily responsible for focusing on this task.

Combat Operation Procedures is a team effort that requires Team Osan to stay mission ready and capable. The team accomplishes this through quarterly operational readiness exercises and other training. This task is primarily taken care of by the commander's action group and Mission Support Group.

Ready Airmen is a task aimed at decreasing alcohol related incidents, increasing fitness, and enhancing volunteer opportunities. This is accomplished through team initiatives like the wing's 51 days of resiliency campaign.

Base communication is a task primarily charged over by the Communications Squadron that includes the diversification of communication capabilities.

Dormitory integrity and habitability is a task primarily taken care of by the CES. This task seeks to place units together in the same dormitories and ensuring every Airman has the highest quality of living possible on base.

The task of enhancing the Mustang Resiliency Center is primarily tackled by the Force Support Squadron. The team will overhaul the coffee shop, build a multipurpose room, and includes modern technological amenities such as large televisions and video games.

The CRL is a task taken care of by the Comptroller Squadron. This means all the groups from the 51st FW are making lists for funding requirements, which will then be prioritized by the wing and group commanders. The top 10 items will be sent to Major Command headquarters for funding.

Finally, leadership development is a comprehensive effort that will see an uptick in offered leadership events. The primary office of responsibility for this task is the CAG.

It's the role of Team Osan to defend the freedom of 51 million people. This is achieved not just by broad principles and priorities, but specific and obtainable tasks. By taking on these tasks with the verve and enthusiasm they're capable of, the men and women of Team Osan can continue to build their peerless reputation around the Air Force and the world.

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