NEWS | Feb. 9, 2021

Spartan Paratroopers Kick Off Arctic Warrior 21

By Maj. Jason Welch 4th Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division Public Affairs

DONNELLY TRAINING AREA, Alasak -- Paratroopers from the 4th Brigade Combat Team (Airborne), 25th Infantry Division, “Spartan Brigade,” executed a joint forcible entry operation into Donnelly Training Area, Alaska, to begin Exercise Arctic Warrior 21.

Spartan Paratroopers conducted an airborne operation into the Donnelly Training Area, conducted a joint forcible entry operation to seize an airfield, and began the Arctic Warrior 21 training exercise running from Feb. 8-19.

“This exercise demonstrates the effectiveness of our Arctic training and ability to face a near peer threat in an Arctic environment, “said Col. Chris Landers, the Spartan Brigade commander. “Our Paratroopers are trained to deploy on short notice and operate effectively in the deep Alaskan winter.”

Arctic Warrior 21 is a cold weather training event that incorporates airborne operations, situational training exercises, and live fire exercises, occurring at Donnelly Training Area near Fort Greely and Richardson Training Area near Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson. The exercise tests the ability of the Spartan Brigade to face a near peer threat and validate winter field training in an Arctic environment.

A command element from the Anchorage-based U.S. Army Alaska, along with support elements from the 17th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion and Canadian Armed Forces, provided additional personnel and equipment to increase the realism of the exercise. Paratroopers from the Spartan Brigade acted as the opposition force, providing a realistic and challenging opponent to test Arctic tactics, techniques and procedures.

The exercise demonstrated the capability of U.S. military forces in the Arctic region to operate in austere winter conditions to face near peer threats, bolstering safety and stability in the region.