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JTF-RH App Privacy and Security Notice


The JTF - Red Hill Mobile App is provided as a public service by Joint Task Force - Red Hill. The mobile app will provide the community and stakeholders helpful information about events, defueling status, latest news updates, and more.

By downloading, using or accessing the Application on your Device, you agree to be bound by the terms of the Policy. If you do not agree to all the provisions contained in the Policy, you are not authorized to use the Services. If you have downloaded the Application and do not agree to all the provisions of the Policy, you must delete the Application from your Device.

JTF-Red Hill reserves the right, at any time and without prior notice, to modify or replace any of the Policy. Any changes to the Policy can be found at this URL. It is your responsibility to check the Policy periodically for changes. Your use of the Services following the posting of any changes to the Policy constitutes acceptance of those changes. If there are any significant changes to the Policy that, in our sole opinion, materially affect the way we treat your information, you will be notified upon opening the Application.

Information presented on the JTF-Red Hill app not identified as protected by copyright is considered public information and may be distributed or copied. Use of appropriate byline, photo, and image credits is requested.

For app management, information is collected for statistical purposes. This U.S. Government app uses software programs to create summary statistics, which are used for such purposes as assessing what information is of most and least interest.

For JTF-Red Hill app security purposes and to ensure that this service remains available to all users, software programs are employed to monitor network traffic to identify unauthorized attempts to upload or change information, or otherwise cause damage.

Except for authorized law enforcement investigations and national security purposes, no other attempts are made to identify individual users or their usage habits beyond DoD apps. Raw data logs are used for no other purposes and are scheduled for regular destruction in accordance with National Archives and Records Administration Guidelines.

Unauthorized attempts to change information on JTF-Red Hill app are strictly prohibited and may be punishable under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1987 and the National Information Infrastructure Protection Act (18 U.S.C. § 1030).

What Does This Privacy Policy Cover?

This Policy covers the treatment of personally identifiable information (“Personal Information”) and other information gathered by JTF-Red Hill when you are using the Services.

Finally, this Policy does not cover any Personal Information you send to JTF-Red Hill via any non-secured mode of communications such as email, as communications via these methods may be subject to interception, loss, or alteration. While we welcome your comments and suggestions sent to us in this manner, we encourage you to carefully examine what Personal Information you send to JTF-Red Hill via these methods.

Personal Information Collected and Its Uses, and Exceptions

The following is a list of Personal Information collected from you when you use Services and what we use it for. You acknowledge that you are submitting this Personal Information with your informed consent.

Location Information: When a user opts in to background location tracking by the app, only the last known location is saved (replaces the previous location). Static locations may also be configured by subscribing to one or many U.S. ZIP code regions. This may also be an alternative to background location tracking for those less comfortable with constantly sharing their location.

Mobile device access: The Application may request access or permission to certain features on the user’s device including: calendar, camera, contacts, sensor and, SMS messages. End users can change the access and permissions in their device settings.

Non-disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

Except as provided in the next paragraphs, JTF-Red Hill does not divulge any Personal Information gathered via the Application or Services to third parties. Moreover, except as provided in the next paragraphs JTF-Red Hill does not sell, rent, trade or license any Personal Information regarding its users to third parties. Only the Clients, Representatives and subcontractors of JTF-Red Hill are responsible for the management and development of the Application and Services, and only these persons have access to the information collected there. These Clients, Representatives and subcontractors all have been instructed to comply with the Policy.


The following is a complete listing and description of what native functions on your Device that were developed by third parties are accessed and / or modified by the Application.

Push notifications: which you can choose to receive or not, but only with your express permission;

Calendar: for saving events, but only with your express permission;

User Control and Uninstall for the Application

For the Application, you can access and change certain user settings from the settings menu on your Device. You may also uninstall; uninstall methods may vary depending on your Device Android version or iOS version. JTF-Red Hill has no control over these functions and denies any responsibility of your use thereof, and any data or Personal Information sent to third parties as a result of said activities.