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NEWS | May 7, 2024

CSO visits US Space Forces Indo-Pacific, focuses on integrated space operations in priority theater

By TSgt. Jimmie D. Pike, Pacific Air Forces Public Affairs

Chief of Space Operations Gen. Chance Saltzman and his wife, Jennifer, paid a visit to Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii to visit Guardians and meet with key players in the support and operation of space assets in the Indo-Pacific theater, May 3, 2024.

Throughout the day, Saltzman attended the Indo-Pacific Headquarters change of command; met with Brig. Gen. Anthony Mastalir, U.S. Space Forces Indo-Pacific commander, to discuss the progress made in advancing integrated space capabilities in the theater; visited Ka’ena Point Space Force Station ; and participated in a civic engagement with the Hawaii Military Affairs Committee.

While Saltzman was meeting with Mastalir, Jennifer met with SPACEFOR-INDOPAC spouses at the Aloha Conference Center to discuss experiences and challenges as a Space Force family member.

After the morning’s events, Saltzman and his wife attended the INDOPACOM change of command before heading to Ka’ena Point for a site visit.

During the visit to Ka’ena Point, Saltzman was able to see firsthand the support Guardians serving in the Indo-Pacific provide the space mission across the priority theater.

“The tracking station is manned by Guardians assigned to Detachment 3, 21st Space Operations Squadron, and they enable satellite command and control in support of the Joint Force across the theater,” said Mastalir. “Ka’ena Point’s mission ensures U.S., allied, and partner operations to preserve stability throughout the Indo-Pacific area of operations.”

Acknowledging all of their hard work, Saltzman lauded the Guardians for their efforts and recognized key performers.

“The dedication and expertise of our Guardians in the Indo-Pacific has directly impacted the security and stability of the space domain and the region,” said Saltzman. “The SPACEFOR-INDOPAC mission ensures we are better connected, more informed, faster, more precise, and more lethal should we be required to respond to any challenge or crisis.”

After completing the tour of Ka’ena Point Space Force Station, Saltzman continued into the civic engagement where he discussed the importance of the Space Force’s capabilities supporting Department of Defense objectives, specifically how the United States Space Forces Indo-Pacific command plays a critical role in that capability. They went on to discuss the importance of working with our communities and residents throughout the Hawaiian islands and how they want to continue to develop those relationships.

“SPACEFOR-INDOPAC Guardians have been hard at work building and strengthening mutually beneficial partnerships as we continue to promote and demonstrate responsible norms of behavior in the domain,” said Saltzman. “A free and open Indo-Pacific is not possible without our Guardians’ efforts.”

Closing out the day, Saltzman held a townhall with more than 50 members of the Hawaii Air National Guard assigned to the 109th and 150th Electromagnetic Warfare Squadrons to discuss their important contributions to the Space Force’s mission. Throughout the event, Saltzman addressed questions about the options being considered to further integrate ANG space functions into the Space Force. He emphasized transferring to the Space Force would be on a volunteer basis and those who volunteer would remain in their current status with no break in service or entitlements until personnel policy related to the transfer is established.

Space capabilities help us connect globally, manage our resources, address transnational challenges, and deter conflict – the U.S. will continue to deliver advanced space capabilities that support the joint warfighter.