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NEWS | Feb. 1, 2024

2nd Infantry/ ROK-U.S. Combined Division Holds Combined Training Conference

By Courtesy Story, 2nd Infantry Division/ROK-U.S. Combined Division

The 2nd Infantry Division / ROK-US Combined Division held a 'Combined Training Conference' to discuss over 130 combined trainings scheduled for this year. The conference took place at the War Room of Freeman Hall at Camp Humphreys on the 30th.

The purpose of the meeting was to coordinate the combined training schedule and detailed plans for the year and to establish a cooperation system through systematic discussions from the planning stage. By doing so, the aim was to minimize friction that may occur during training and to maximize training results by implementing, coordinating, and controlling combined training.

Hosted by the 2ID/RUCD, the conference included representatives from the 2nd Brigade 4th Infantry Division (Rotational Stryker Brigade Combat Team), 210th Fire Artillery Brigade, 2nd Combat Aviation Brigade, ROK Army Headquarters, Combined Forces Command, and 2nd Fleet Command. Approximately 80 education and training officials from the ROK and the U.S. attended.

They discussed major combined training for the second quarter, such as E3B qualification assessment, KCTC, NTC training, and joint tank/striker movement exercise. Over 130 events were discussed.

The 2ID/RUCD has regularly held combined training conferences every quarter since 2019, to increase improve interoperability and improve wartime operational capabilities. This enabled a mutual understanding of tactics, equipment, organization, and force operation.

Brigadier General Kim Jeong-hyuk, Deputy Commander General - ROK of the 2ID/RUCD, said, “The division is playing a pivotal role in ROK-U.S. combined training and making every effort to improve combined combat readiness and cultivate combined operational capabilities.”

Lt. Col. Brennan Speaks, the operational staff in charge of U.S. military operations, emphasized, "The strength of the 2ID/RUCD is our combined nature and it is inherent in our daily operations. We conduct practical combined training to better understand each other's operations process and verify our mission set. Our constant collaboration ensures readiness, interoperability and mutual trust."

With the 2ID/RUCD based on the 2nd Infantry Division and integrating ROK Army staff, the division is focused on operational planning, doctrine development, combined exercises, and training to strengthen combined operational capabilities. It was first activated in 2015, and this year marks its 9th anniversary.

Looking ahead, the 2ID/RUCD is committed to continuing its efforts to maintain a strong ROK-U.S. defense posture and further develop the ROK-U.S. alliance.