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NEWS | Nov. 8, 2023

Combined Forces Command underlines ironclad commitment during ceremony

By Master Sgt. Thomas Duval, U.S. Forces Korea

The Republic of Korea and the United States celebrated the 45th anniversary of the Combined Forces Command (CFC) foundation during a ceremony on U.S. Army Garrison-Humphreys, Nov. 7, 2023, standing shoulder-to-shoulder and gathering on the heels of 70 years of a successful Armistice.

“The 45th Anniversary of the Combined Forces Command is a testament of our ironclad commitment to the ROK-U.S. Alliance,” said Lt. Gen. Willard Burleson III, CFC chief of staff. “Through the change in seasons, calendars, and people, maintaining a strong, ready and well-trained combined ROK-U.S. military has been critical to maintaining peace and stability both here and in Northeast Asia.”

Since its Nov. 7, 1978, activation, CFC serves as a symbol of success to many and highlights the strength of the ROK-U.S. Alliance. It has further ensured the freedom and peace of the homelands as a combined combat command and serves as an ongoing source of motivation for those serving in the Alliance.

"We have established ourselves as the ‘alpha and omega’ of the ROK-U.S. Alliance and the strongest combat command representing the free world," said Gen. Shin Chul Kang, CFC deputy commander, during his commemorative address. "Let's embark on a renaissance era of the ROK-U.S. Alliance together."

Although the ceremony, hosted by Kang on behalf of Gen. Paul LaCamera, commander, United Nations Command / Combined Forces Command / U.S. Forces Korea, featured congratulatory remarks and several moments of celebration, the onward direction of the CFC and its focus remain one of readiness and togetherness.

“As we look to the future, we must continue to realistically train together to remain the most lethal, ready, and combined force in the world,” said Burleson. “Our combined readiness does not come easily – it takes time, energy, and a commitment to rigorous and standards-based training. When we say, ‘Fight Tonight,’ it means we must be ready.”

In his closing, Kang reiterated he and his team are dedicated to the ROK-U.S. Alliance and maintain their ironclad commitment to combined combat readiness, ensuring the ROK’s firm defense against any threats or adversaries.