NEWS | Oct. 8, 2021

51st Communications Squadron Airmen ‘Wired Up, Fred Up’ for Resiliency Training Event

OSAN AIR BASE, Republic of Korea -- The 51st Communications Squadron (CS) conducted a resiliency training event on Oct. 4-7, 2021, at Osan Air Base, Republic of Korea. The training, titled COMMREX 21-3, was a 7th Air Force directive to test the capabilities of deployable communications in order to extend network, data and voice services to expeditionary and battlefield forces within the Korean Theater of Operations.

“The purpose of the COMMREX 21-3 was to test the operational capabilities of our equipment,” said Senior Airman Weston Gerringer, 51st CS radio frequency transmission technician. “Basically, we can rapidly set up communications wherever designated and provide the necessary communication skills to get leaders their connections and any line of communication they may need. We can provide this through the Communications Flyaway Kit (CFK) package.”

COMMREX 21-3 was designed to test and validate the 51st Fighter Wing’s CFK. The CFK enables users to maintain communications while on the move or at a stationary remote post.

“Having good communications is crucial, especially here in South Korea,” said Staff Sgt. Dean Sigismundo, 51st CS radio frequency transmission technician. “It provides our leadership the ability to take command and control during a contingency or emergency response. Without it, we are unable to coordinate with the other units across the peninsula, and commanders can’t get their messages out.”

Some benefits of the CFK include undetected two-way radio operation, discrete communication, private, non-scannable transmissions, choice of frequencies, choice between high or mid-power and a rugged custom-designed transportable case.

“A lot of the Airmen coming here, especially those straight from technical training school, don’t usually get to see this stuff firsthand, let alone have the opportunity to work with it. It’s good to see them out here rather than stuck in a classroom,” said Sigismundo.

In addition to testing the CFK, 51st CS Airmen also tested the Hawkeye III, which is essentially an expansion kit for the CFK. The Hawkeye III delivers high-speed data communications for Internet, VPN and video transmission. The modular design provides users the ability to switch between bands, apertures and modems with a simple swapping out of interchangeable kits.

“I’m proud and impressed with the Airmen’s performance,” said Sigismundo. “I’m confident if I needed them to set up comms at a moment’s notice we’d be able to set them up and not only meet the goal, but exceed it.”