NEWS | April 24, 2020

Commander, Fleet Activities Yokosuka Delivers Goodie Bags to ROM Sailors

By Edward Holland Commander, Fleet Activities Yokosuka Public Affairs

YOKOSUKA, Japan (NNS) -- Commander, Fleet Activities Yokosuka (CFAY) Chapel of Hope personnel delivers goodie bags to Sailors currently under Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Restriction of Movement (ROM) at Transient Personnel Unit (TPU), April 23.

The goodie bags were put together at the Yokosuka USO, and the nearly 100 bags were filled with items from snacks to hygienic items for those under the 14-day ROM.

“Since March 17, we have been accommodating ROM-status Sailors,” said Lt. Henry Villatoro, CFAY’s TPU officer in charge. “These goodie bags from the USO are just one more measure to positively boost those affected by COVID-19 (protection measures).”

The renovated TPU, which reopened in September 2019, is perfectly suited for taking care of Sailors in ROM. The TPU staff was able to deliver the goodie bags by setting them in front of the TPU room doors while maintaining physical distancing.

“The availability of goodie bags are just one of the ways to make a two week isolation period less difficult for everyone,” said Capt. Philip King, CFAY’s Chaplain who helped organize the program. “Seeing our CFAY numbers remain low and manageable is also an indication that we are on the right course.”

For 75 years, CFAY has provided, maintained, and operated base facilities and services in support of the U.S. 7th Fleet's forward-deployed naval forces, tenant commands, and thousands of military and civilian personnel and their families.