NEWS | April 13, 2020

Pyeongtaek Mayor Invited to Get Glimpse of USAG Humphreys Coronavirus Measures

By Maria Gallegos and Jason Om

HUMPHREYS, Republic of Korea -- Working together with the City of Pyeongtaek during the COVID-19 outbreak, is helping leaders at all levels to create solidarity within the community, both on and off the installation.

It is also helping to build on a strong partnership between the United States and the Republic of Korea, which is equally important, especially during this challenging time.

To ensure absolute transparency, U.S. Army Garrison Humphreys Commander Col. Michael Tremblay invited Jung Jang-seon, Pyeongtaek City mayor, and his team, to view firsthand all the precautionary measures put in place here to mitigate the spread of coronavirus.

“Information sharing is one of our keys to success,” said Tremblay. “I want to show him, personally, what we are doing to protect our force.”

A day after the invite, Tremblay met and led the mayor and his team to various locations, including the Brian D. Allgood Army Community Hospital's tertiary tent, intensive care unit, and testing lab, April 9.

“I am impressed with all the measures you are taking in the HPCON C+ level and the facilities, especially the pre-screening place and wards for the confirmed patients,” said Jung, following his tour of the hospital.

They were also given a windshield tour of the quarantine barracks and stops at the Exchange and Commissary. Tremblay explained to him the process of screening USFK personnel who traveled from the U.S., and how they were properly quarantined here, to rule out any possible signs of the virus.

At the Exchange, the importance of social distancing, wearing of masks and hand washing stations were also emphasized. Tremblay also pointed out and explained the “Mind the Meter,” signs and how the square images were placed six feet apart to remind the community to keep a safe distance from each other, to prevent the spread of the virus.

The tour concluded with Jung expressing his appreciation and how he felt reassured that USFK personnel were taking precautionary measures, on and off post, to stop the threat.

“Thank you Colonel Tremblay, for USAG Humphreys’ and USFK's countermeasures against COVID-19,” Jung said. “You have my continued trust.”

“We will make every effort for citizens and Soldiers to return to a normal routine, by cooperating with Pyeongtaek City and other local communities,” said Tremblay.

Shortly after the visit’s conclusion, Pyeongtaek City released a statement saying that the mayor “felt a strong trust with the USFK medical system and that he assured Pyeongtaek citizens that USFK is putting a lot of effort against COVID-19.”

In the statement, he also asked Pyeongtaek citizens to “overcome this crisis by having a close cooperation between Pyeongtaek City and Camp Humphreys.”