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J4 Logistics, Engineering and Security Cooperation Directorate

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  Title & Name

Phone Number

J4 Director
Major General Susan A. Davidson, U.S. Army
(808) 477-7654
J4DJ4 Deputy Director J4, Theater Security Cooperation
Brigadier  General Rory Copinger-Symes, British Royal Marines
(808) 477-9067
J40 Deputy Director
Captain  Brian V. Rosa, U.S. Navy
(808) 477-7655
J4EA Executive Assistant
Major Romaine M. Aguon, U.S. Army 
(808) 477-7654
J4SEA Senior Enlisted Advisor
Master Sergeant, Eric D. Dawson, U.S. Army
(808) 477-7656
J4MA Mobilization Assistant
Brigadier General John N. Tree, U.S. Air Force
(808) 477-7665
J43 Logistics Readiness Division (Distribution/Petroleum/Munitions/Multinational) 808) 477-3000
J44 Engineering Division (808) 477-6011
J45 Security Assistance and Cooperative Program Division (808) 477-0953
J46 Logistics Plans and Exercises (Operational Contract Support and Logisitics Informaiton Systems)  (808) 477-0846
J49 National Guard Affairs (808) 477-7281