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Pacific Air Forces (PACAF)
DSN: 315-448-3203

U.S. Army Pacific (USARPAC)
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U.S. Marine Forces Pacific (MARFORPAC)
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U.S. Pacific Fleet (COMPACFLT)
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Special Operations Command, Pacific (SOCPAC)
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US Forces Japan (USFJ)
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US Forces Korea (USFK)
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Personnel Recovery (PR)

The sum of military, diplomatic, and civil efforts to prepare for and execute the recovery and reintegration of isolated personnel.

Isolated Personnel - US military, Department of Defense (DOD) civilians and contractor personnel (and others designated by the President or Secretary of Defense) who are separated from their unit (as an individual or a group) while participating in a US sponsored military activity or mission and are, or may be, in a situation where they must survive, evade, resist, or escape (SERE).

USPACOM Theater Entry Requirements

Minimum theater entry requirements apply to all DOD personnel (military, DOD civilian, DOD contractor) on official travel status, and all military personnel regardless of official/non-official travel status who enter the USPACOM AOR (except Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, and US territories).  Minimum requirements are:

(1) All personnel will review the PR Indoctrination Brief.

(2) All personnel will complete Code of Conduct level A training (may be accomplished by completing the SERE 100.1 computer based training or other service developed courseware which meets JPRA Level A standards). Training must be completed prior to theater entry and be current within the previous 36 months of arrival within the AOR. Re-currency training is required every 36 months. Per the Joint Personnel Recovery Agency (JPRA) Guidance for SERE Training in Support of the Code of Conduct, SERE 100.1 Level A training exceeds the standards of the previous SERE 100 training.  As of 1 Oct 2012, SERE 100 training is no longer valid for completion of USPACOM SERE Level A training requirements. 

     a. SERE 100.1 Training (Course Prefix J3T, Number A-US022) is available on-line at the following sites:

     b. Personnel who have completed a higher level of Code of Conduct training within the previous 36 months (SERE Level C or USPACOM approved High Risk of Isolation or Exploitation (HRI/E) briefing (Level B)) are exempt from the SERE Level A requirement for 36 months from the date they completed that training.

(3) All personnel (service members, DOD civilians, and DOD contractors) must complete an electronic Isolated Personnel Report (ISOPREP).  Electronic ISOPREPs, regardless of an individual’s service affiliation, are completed by either using the Pre-OCONUS Travel File (PRO-File) survey, accessed https://prmsglobal.prms.af.mil/prmsconv/Profile/Survey/start.aspx or by establishing an individual account in the Personnel Recovery Mission Software (PRMS) program utilizing https://prmsglobal.prms.af.smil.mil on SIPR. When completing the ISOPREP via PRMS, utilize the following guidance:

     a. ISOPREP Sections 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, and 9 must be filled out completely by all individuals. All ISOPREPs must be accompanied by two (2) digital photos, one full-face, and one right-side profile. Digital photos must be JPEG format and less than 200 kilobytes. Fingerprints (Section 6) are not required.

     b. Coalition ID is not a required field on the electronic ISOPREP.

     c. See instructions below for completing ISOPREP requirements using PRO-File. For For any technical problems with PRMS, contact the PRMS helpdesk at DSN: 312-273-3701 or email: prmsmail@enclave.jrico.osis.gov.

PRO-File Application Use and Function
The PRO-File application is hosted on the NIPRNet PRMS site. The purpose of this application is to provide a means to quickly enter data that can be used to build an ISOPREP without the necessity of creating an account on the PRMS system. The data gathered is temporarily stored on NIPRNet until such time that the database administrator transfers the data to the SIPRNet PRMS site. At that time, the data is converted into an ISOPREP-style form and saved on the SIPRNet PRMS system. All NIPRNet data is deleted from the NIPRNet system so that no personal data is permanently stored there.

Fields designated by a red asterisk (*) on the PRO-File survey form are required data and must be filled in before the form can be saved. Fields designated by a blue tilde (~) are recommended and must be completed if they apply.

PRO-File Access
Access to PRO-File is by Common Access Card only from NIPRNet computers in the .mil domain. No account registration is required. PRO-File is accessible via the following web address: https://prmsglobal.prms.mil/profile/survey/start.aspx.

Submit the Survey
At the very bottom of the Survey Page is a submit button. When finished completing the survey, press the button to submit the information. If there is any required information that has not been filled in, a warning will display listing the required information that is missing. Click OK to return to the Survey form, where the missing information is highlighted in red. All required fields must be satisfied in order to submit the survey.

Certificate of Completion
Once the survey has been successfully submitted, a Certificate of Completion will be presented. Click the Print button to print the certificate.

Re-accessing a Saved Certificate
After submitting a survey, should a user revisit the Survey page with the same CAC, a note will appear at the top of the page alerting the user that he has already submitted a survey. The user will have the opportunity to click on a certificate link and reprint the certificate. Should the user continue to fill out and submit a new survey, the information from the earlier survey will be overwritten with the new information.

(4) Additional USPACOM Personnel Recovery information is available on SIPR at http://psp.hq.pacom.smil.mil/orgareas/J3/J35/Personnel_Recovery

(5) Contact USPACOM Component Personnel Recovery Offices of Primary Responsibility (PACFLT, PACAF, MARFORPAC, USARPAC, SOCPAC, USFJ, USFK, or ALCOM) for assistance in completing SERE Level A and ISOPREP requirements. Contact numbers are listed above. If entry is required to the USPACOM AOR and personnel are not attached to or sponsored by a service component, contact the USPACOM Personnel Recovery Branch at commercial 808-477-7687 (DSN 315-477-7687) or via e-mail at joc.jprc.pacom.fct@pacom.mil.

(6) High Risk of Isolation or Exploitation (HRI/E) Personnel:

     a. Personnel are considered HRI/E based on their job specialty, location of operations, and type of mission.

     b. HRI/E Personnel must complete additional PR training requirements prior to theater entry. These requirements and waiver procedures are posted on the SIPRNet at http://psp.hq.pacom.smil.mil/orgareas/j3/j35/Personnel_Recovery. Travelers who do not have access to the SIPRNET should contact their unit Intelligence or AT officer for assistance. PACOM point of contact is joc.jprc.pacom.fct@pacom.mil or phone 808-477-7687 (DSN 315-477-7687).

     c. All personnel eligible for or required by their DOD component (Services and SOCOM) to complete Level C SERE or other HRI/E training should do so prior to assignment, deployment, or travel to the PACOM AOR. Component requirements are available online at the following sites:
Air Force Army Marines Navy SOCOM: (link available on the PACOM SIPR website)
In case of a PR event, contact the USPACOM Joint Operations Center (JPRC) at (808) 477-7377.

For additional PR Training information, please view these additional sites:

Joint Personnel Recovery Agency (JPRA)

    If you are logging in from a government or military connection:

  • PR Education and Training Center: Go to above JPRA website, click on Military and Government Information Entrance, click OK, then go to Staff, PRETC

  • Personnel Recovery Academy: Go to above JPRA website, click on Military and Government Information Entrance , click OK, then go to Staff, PRA

  • If you are not logging in from a government or military connection:
  • PR Education and Training Center

  • Personnel Recovery Academy

(as of May 2013)