U.S. Pacific Command


Special Agent, Homeland Security Investigations (JIATF-West)

Mr. Todd Horton

Special Agent (S/A) Todd Horton currently serves as the Senior Law Enforcement Advisor (LEA) for Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) at U.S. Pacific Command/Joint Interagency Task Force-West. As the senior LEA for HSI, S/A Horton represents HSI on all agency, foreign and domestic coordination, program, policy and legislative issues; and advises the Command on all pertinent customs and immigration matters. S/A Horton is also responsible for coordinating investigations impacting the Asia-Pacific region as they relate to various transnational criminal activities. Mr. Horton applies task force authorities and capabilities to enhance the present and future effectiveness of an adaptive, regional law enforcement networks that disrupt and dismantle TCOs.

Mr. Horton began his federal career by joining the U.S. Army in 1984. During his tenure in the Army, Mr. Horton served as an Intelligence Analyst in the 1st Infantry Division (4 years), Fort Reilly, Kansas and the Intelligence Threat Analysis Center (3.5 years), Washington Navy Yard, Washington D.C. Mr. Horton received an honorable discharge from the U.S. Army in November 1991. After completing one year in the Maryland Army National Guard, Mr. Horton accepted a job with the U.S. Customs Service as an Intelligence Research Specialist. In November 1995, Mr. Horton transitioned into a Special Agent position with U.S. Customs and was assigned to Laredo, Texas. After serving four years in Texas, S/A Horton transferred to Baltimore, Maryland and assigned to the Commercial Fraud/Arms and Strategic Investigations groups. In September 2002, S/A Horton was promoted into U.S. Customs headquarters as a program manager assigned to the Terrorist Financing Division, which focused on cells within the U.S. that were involved in providing funds in support of terrorist activity. In December 2003, S/A Horton began managing the Container Security Initiative, one of President Bush’s national security programs aimed at preventing terrorists use of ocean-going containers to deliver a terrorist weapon to the United States. S/A Horton was primarily responsible for leading senior level negotiations with Directors General of foreign Customs Administrations, briefing Congressional Staff members and establishing policies and procedures for inspecting containerized cargo while in foreign ports. In August 2007, S/A Horton was promoted as the ICE Liaison to CBP and also served as the Director, International Container Security Division, Office of Field Operations within Customs and Border Protection. While serving as the Director, S/A Horton concluded multiple international agreements in furtherance of several maritime security programs with foreign dignitaries and representatives. In January 2010, S/A Horton served as the Chief of Staff (COS), Homeland Security Investigations. 

(as of February 2017)
JIATF-West Mr. Todd Horton